[MH3U] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – High Rank Crimson Qurupeco – Bye Bye Bloom

The next on the list is the Crimson Qurupeco! This dude is a very flamboyant version of the regular Quru, and he is now lightning based rather than fire. To go along with some new lightning moves, he can now call stronger monsters because he is a high rank monster. In Bye-Bye Bloom, you’ll have to deal with him calling a Deviljho, a giant dinosaur looking monster that does a ton of damage.

I’m using a Lagiacrus set upgraded to level 8, and Snow Slicers+because the Crimson Qurupeco is weak to ice. You can get Snow Slicers+ from low rank Barioth and Lagombi parts.

To cut down on the video time, I took out the unimportant parts. The strategy is largely the same as the regular Qurupeco so you can look at that video if you need help.

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