[MH3U] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – High Rank Jade Barroth – Snowball Fight

Today we will be hunting a Jade Barroth, the tundra equivalent of the desert Barroth. This is for the quest Snowball Fight!, it is a 7 star High Rank quest for Moga Village.

It’s largely the same as the desert Barroth, except that he has has ice moves instead of mud. He has a few new moves, and also hits like a truck so try not to get hit by him.

Equipment used on this hunt:
– Set of Low Rank Lagiacrus Armor
– Flamestorm

Items rewarded for this hunt in this hunt:
(3) J.Barroth Ridge+
(2) J.Barroth Scalp
(2) J.Barroth Claw+
(2) J.Barr Carapace
(2) Monster Keenbone
(1) J.Barroth Tail
(1) Frozen Glob
(1) Adv Armor Sphere

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