[MH3U] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – High Rank Steel Uragaan – Ace in the Hole

Ah, the Uragaan. One of my least favorite monsters to fight. This time he looks slightly different though, and he is called the Steel Uragaan. Fortunately (or unfortunately), he’s pretty much the exact same as a regular Uragaan which leaves me disappointed in this subspecies. The only additional attack really is the ability for him to give the soiled status. Make sure you bring deodorant!

Equipment used on this hunt:
– Plesioth Cutlasses+, Dual blades with Water elemental
– Volvidon Helm S
– Volvidon Mail S
– Volvidon Vambraces
– Volvidon Faulds
– Volvidon Greaves

Skills used on this hunt:
– Attack Up (M)
– Evasion +1
– Speed Sharpening
– Tremor Res
– Cold Surge

Items rewarded for this hunt:
(3) S. Urag Carapace
(1) Monster Hardbone
(1) Lava Nugget
(2) Bloodrun Jewel
(1) Timeworn Charm [Stamina +5]
(2) Adv Armor Sphere
(1) Hrd Armor Sphere
(1) Carbalite Ore
(1) Uragaan Marrow
(1) S. Uragaan Scale+

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