[MH3U] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Online – HR6 Axe to Grind – Rust Duramboros G RANK

Axe to Grind is an HR 6 quest requiring you to kill the Rust Duramboros, a subspecies of the regular ol’ Duramboros. Unfortunately, he’s nearly the exact same except he can inflict mud status on you, so don’t forget those cleansers!

Equipment used on this hunt:
– Blizzarioths Blades, Dual blades with Ice elemental
– Rath Soul Helm
– Rath Soul Chest
– Rath Soul Gloves
– Rath Soul Waist
– Rath Soul Graves

Skills used on this hunt:
– Speed Sharpener
– Critical Eye +2
– Sharpen
– HG Earplugs

Items rewarded for this hunt:
(2) R. Duram Shell
(2) Monster Slogbone
(1) Durambolite
(1) R. Duram Plate
(2) Hvy Armor Sphere
(1) Enduring Charm
(2) Marbled Hump
(2) Duram Hardhorn

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