[MH3U] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Online – HR7 Hungry Eyes – Nargacuga

Not sure why the old video didn’t have working audio, but this one should! That’s what I get for not watching some of it and testing it out. Thanks for telling me though in the comments!

Nargacuga’s are probably one of my favorite monsters to fight. So it’s only practical that I spend this wonderful day fighting one and carving it’s body to adorn a future armor piece or weapon. Today, we’re doing an HR7 mission called Hungry Eyes.

Equipment used on this hunt:
– Hidden Breaker+, Hammer with poison
– Gigginox Helm X
– Gigginox Chest X
– Gigginox Gloves X
– Gigginox Waist X
– Gigginox Graves X

Skills used on this hunt:
– Status Attack +2
– Awaken
– Razor Sharp
– Evasion +1
– Elemental Atk Down

Items rewarded for this hunt:
(1) Nargacuga Fur
(3) Monster Slogbone
(1) Nargacuga Shard
(1) Narga Razor+
(2) Wyvern Fang
(3) Hvy Narga Fang
(1) Narga Tailspear
(1) Nargacuga Lash

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