[MH3U] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Online – HR8 The Invisible Predator – Lucent Nargacuga

Here is the Lucent Nargacuga, one of the more interesting subspecies. He inflict poison damage (which I loathe) but perhaps more interesting is the fact that he can go invisible whenever he wants. It makes for a very interesting battle because it’s possible to lose him momentarily. He is weakest to Ice and dragon, but slime seemed to work wonders on him.

Equipment used on this hunt:
– Spectral Demolishers, Slime
– Rath Soul Helm Z
– Rath Soul Mail Z
– Rath Soul Braces Z
– Rath Soul Coil Z
– Rath Soul Greaves Z

Skills used on this hunt:
– Critical Eye +3
– Mind’s Eye
– HG Earplugs

Items rewarded for this hunt:
(1) Conqueror’s Seal
(2) Monster Slogbone
(2) L. Narga Shard
(1) Monster Hardbone
(1) Wyvern Fang
(1) Wyvern Claw
(1) Enduring Charm [Hearing +4, Gloves Off -1]
(2) Lazurite Jewel
(1) Hvy Armor Sphere
(1) L. Narga Razor
(1) Heavy L. Narga Fang
(1) Nargacuga Lash

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