[MH3U] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Online – HR8 Fang Fang: You're Dead – Stygian Zinogre

Fang Fang: You’re Dead is an HR8 quest requiring you to kill a Zinogre and a Stygian Zinogre. You fight them at the same time in the Land Arena, so it can be tricky. Your best bet is a water weapon as they both share a weakness to it, but I had no decent water weapons so I used slime.

Equipment used on this hunt:
– Spectral Demolishers (364 Attack, 270 Slime)
– Zinogre Helm Z
– Zinogre Mail X
– Zinogre Vambraces Z
– Zinogre Coil Z
– Zinogre Greaves Z

Skills used on this hunt:
– Evasion +2
– Peak Performance
– Focus
– Speed Sharpening

Items rewarded for this hunt:
– I’ll add this later

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