[MH4U DEMO] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Demo – Gore Magala – Insect Glaive Online

The Insect Glaive! The Gore Magala! Online Gameplay in the MH4U Demo! It’s all here at your convenience, so sit back and enjoy watching me bumble around with my bug staff.

Next up on the list is the Charge Blade, Hammer, Bows, and Bowguns! Less than 3 weeks, guys. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be here before we know it, so we have to familiarize ourselves with the weapons and animations. Hit the ground running, ya know?

My apologies for the audio clipping. I tried to minimize it but it’s noticeable in some spots. Video quality seems to be a bit over saturated as well. Most of it is because the 3DS is a low resolution device, and I’m stretching it up to 720p..

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