[MH4U DEMO] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Demo – Tetsucabra – Dual Blades

This is the Tetsucabra, the strange red toad demon creature! It has huge tusks so it can dig giant boulders out of the ground and throw on you. Unfortunately for him, it looks like he’s very weak to my Dual Blades because they absolutely tear through him. I believe he is weak to water.

This is the first of many of my Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate videos. I’m still getting the hang of this capture-card, so expect quality to improve over time. I’ll have more news about #TeamTaco soon as well, and I’ll definitely be streaming MH4U Demo in the coming weeks until MH4U releases on February 13th.

Remember, I’m planning on a 24 hour livestream special on February 13, 2015! Starts as soon as I get my hands on the game! I stream every Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30 PM EST, so pop in and say hi!

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