[MH4U] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Low Rank Quest – An Ice Surprise – Zamtrios

Here is another newcomer to Europe and the Americas! This is my favorite monster so far, the Zamtrios! What I really, really love about this crazy monster is his special ability. He inflates! It’s hilariously adorable and ineffective.

This mission is called An Ice Surprise, and is a 4 Star Village Quest. Zamtrios literally gets eaten alive by both Lightning and Fire. However, I do recommend fighting him at least several times you can craft his weapons. His weapons have both Ice and Water elements on them, which make them useful for fighting a variety of monsters.

Equipped Armor and Weapon:
– Kut-Ku Pair+, 154 Attack, 190 Fire
– Tetsucabra Helm
– Tetsucabra Mail
– Tetsucabra Vambraces
– Tetsucabra Faulds
– Tetsucabra Greaves

Active Skills
– Health +20
– Defense Up (S)

Items Rewarded from Quest
[2] Zamtrios Hide
[3] Zamtrios Fin
[1] Ice Crystal
[1] Malachite Ore
[1] Sleep Herb
[1] Zamtrios Scale
[1] Zamtrios Tailblade
[1] Jumbo Bone – SUBQUEST

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