[MH4U] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Low Rank Quest – Swing Into Action Kecha Wacha

In order to celebrate the first of many gameplay videos, we’re going to fight a monster that hasn’t been seen outside of Japan. This one is known as the Kecha Wacha, and is a strange monkey elephant hybrid. He loves to swing on vines imitate Donkey Kong’s ground pound. What a character.

This mission is called Swing Into Action, and is the 2 Star Village Urgent Quest, and is a regular 3 Star Village quest as well. It’s also the first mission where you run into this guy, and seeing as he hasn’t been in any games outside of Japan, he’s a brand new experience for nearly all of us.

Kecha Wacha, fortunately, isn’t terribly difficult. I defeated him with both the Jaggi Dual Blades and the starting Charge Blade quite easily. He is weakest to Fire then Lightning, so if you want to burn him down very quickly, use one of those elements.

Equipped Armor and Weapon:
– Twin Chainsaws, 140 Attack, 80 Lightning/Thunder
– Tetsucabra Helm
– Tetsucabra Mail
– Tetsucabra Vambraces
– Tetsucabra Faulds
– Tetsucabra Greaves

Active Skills
– Health +20
– Defense Up (S)

Items Rewarded from Quest
[4] Kecha Pelt
[1] Kecha Longbone
[2] Aqua Sac
[2] Herb
[1] Power Nectar: Fire
[1] Blue Mushroom
[2] Paintberry
[2] Bitterbug
[1] Kecha Longbone – Subquest
[1] Kecha Talon – Subquest
[1] Kecha Ear – Subquest

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