[MH4U] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – High Rank Quest – In the Pink – Pink Rathian

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not dead! In fact I’m alive and well, and currently fighting a Pink Rathian! The MH4U Pink Rathian is largely the same as the Pink Rathian in MH3U. It’s weakest to dragon and lightning, so the Magala weapons work wonders on her.

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Equipped Armor and Weapon:
– Aasklauen, 196 Attack, 180 Dragon
– Akantar Mask
– Akantor Aegis
– Akantor Claws
– Akantor Cincture
– Akantor Hessian

Active Skills
– Negate Poison
– Critical Eye +1
– Sharpness +1
– Blunt Edge

Items Rewarded from Quest
[2] P. Rathian Scale+
[1] Inferno Sac
[4] P. Rath Carapace
[1] Rathian Webbing
[2] Monster Keenbone
[1] Hard Armor Sphere
[1] Rathian Spike+
[1] Rath Wingtalon

Subquest Items
[1] P. Rathian Scale+
[2] Inferno Sac
[1] Monster Keenbone

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