[MH4U] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Egg-straction: The Reckoning & Unlocking Crimson Fatalis

This is te quest you need to do in order to unlock crimson Fatalis! I feel like Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate localization team had way too much fun with these egg puns. Today, we’re going to take on Egg-straction: The Reckoning. This is the… eggciting conclusion to the 5 egg delivery quests. Upon completing Eggstraction The Reckoning, you’ll unlock a new monster for your caravan… Crimson Fatalis! Woo!

Some things to take away from the video for both The Reckoning and all other delivery quests… Make sure you get Transporter Pro! It makes you move much quicker when carrying things such as eggs and powderstones. Stamina is useful too, but a Mega Dash Juice works just as well.

Don’t forget to eat! Fish + Dairy, and eat for Felyne Lander and Supercat.

Thanks for watching everyone. Almost at 10k subscribers, thank you all!

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