[MH4U] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – High Rank Quest – Hunting Vicariously – Yian Garuga

I’ve heard of tales of a purple Yian Kut-Ku… But I haven’t actually fought one until now. The Yian Garuga. It’s basically the secret love-child between a Kutku and a Rathian.

Hunting Vicariously requires the death or capture of a Yian Garuga. It’s a 9 star caravan quest, and the soldier on the stairway to the Elder Hall gives it. Anyway… Enjoy!

Equipped Armor and Weapon:
– Crossveldts, 350 Attack, 280 Water
– Akantar Mask
– Akantor Aegis
– Akantor Claws
– Akantor Cincture
– Akantor Hessian

Active Skills
– Critical Eye +3
– Sharpness +1
– Earplugs
– Blunt Edge

Items Rewarded from Quest
[2] Garuga Scale+
[1] Inferno Sac
[1] Garuga Mane
[1] Garuga Carapace
[1] Hard Armor Sphere
[1] Armor Sphere
[2] Monster Hardbone
[3] Garuga Auricle
[1] Sharpened Beak

Subquest Items
[1] Garuga Mane
[1] Inferno Sac

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