[MH4U] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Sonic DLC Event Quest – Super Sonic Seregios

The Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC for April has some surprises. One of which is the event quest Super Sonic Seregios, a high rank quest to kill a frenzied Seregios. The reward for killing it is one or two Gold Rings. The gold rings, in true Sonic fashion, are used to make Sonic equipment for your Palico.

The Sonic DLC consist of 2 pieces of armor and one weapon. It’s actually really, really easy to get because each piece will only take you a maximum of two Seregios fights, and the equipment isn’t half bad. But of course the real reason you want the Sonic armor for your cat is because you gotta go fast! And also the neat sound effects and animations. It’s also a decent set for your cats if you’re like me and never give them any good armor sets 🙂

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