MH3U Slime VS MH4U Blast

Most of you probably already know that Blast isn’t as strong as Slime was in MH3U. We wanted to find out what exactly has been weakened. We came to the conclusion that the explosion itself hasn’t been nerved, it just takes longer to reach the limit which effects an explosion. We used Light bowguns since they work better for comparison purposes than any other slime weapon even though there where some pretty strong ones such as the Kelbi Bow. We wanted to test the status itself so it had to be LBG. We all know that Kelbi Bow would have won by far.
We also used the best Blast gun there is for both 3U & 4U since there is no gun which has the same stats in both games.

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✦ Skills MH3U ✦
Bonus Shot
Combination Pro
Load Up

✦ Skills MH4U ✦
Bonus Shot
Combination Pro
Status Crit
Critical Eye +3

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