The Mighty Hunter | CGI short film by Michael Ekblad

In his flat, the retired “Mighty Hunter” gets ready for a good nights rest. The walls of his little bedroom are filled with stuffed “Animal Head’s” that reminding him of his mighty past. Unknowing to him is that the “Animal Head’s” come to life, and have chosen this night to make a complex attempt on his life. Its payback time!

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The Mighty Hunter has been shown on following festivals:

Feb 2011 Filmcentrums filmbar for shortfilm Malmö, Seweden
March 2011 Buff Children film Festival Malmö, Sweden
May 2011 Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart, Germany
Sept 2011 LUCAS – International Children’s Film Festival, Frankfurt an Main, Germany


Director: Michael Ekblad
Producer: Michael Ekblad


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