LORE – Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Lore in a Minute!

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Octopimp is here with your Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Lore!

Written by Mylo

Voiced by Octopimp:

Animated by NeroGeist:


The lands of Minegarde are overflowing with monsters of all shapes and sizes, from the adorable to the just plain annoying. Among these common beasts are the elder dragons, rare and powerful beings, worshiped and feared by the people of Minegarde for the massive destruction they can cause.

To protect its citizens, the Elder Dragon Observation and Hunter’s Guild were founded to conduct research and more importantly, get some sweet monster tail by hunting them. Since you were a child, you dreamed of belonging to the storied lineage of the hunters; it’s even been rumored they were part of a technologically-advanced and superhuman civilization that fought the dragons in the Great Wyvern War eons ago. This maayybe explains the giant bones littered everywhere and why you’re able to wield impossibly heavy weaponry.

Though much of Minegarde’s history has faded, the thirst to defend, maim, and kill has not. And no one does it better than the AceHunters, a dream team of trappers that only take on the toughest of assignments. As you travel across the Great Desert seeking your own destiny, you’ll soon realize you won’t be able to do it alone. Teaming up with a ragtag caravan and whatever other hunters you can scrounge up, it’ll be up to you to uncover Minegarde’s past while taking on monsters even the Ace Hunters can’t handle.

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Polaris Animated Universe:


Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound and Audio Micro

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