15-Yard Files: Bow hunting a 413 inch Fair Chase Monster Bull Elk

Watch as the Bringin’ It Home crew follows our friend Dan Burzon for two years on his quest to harvest a Colorado archery elk. Dan has multiple heart pounding encounters before he is ultimately blessed with a monarch bull of a lifetime. Use these how-to instructions and strategies to get in close to rutting bulls on your next hunting trip. Learn how bull elk react to cow calling and scent, whether you are hunting in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, or Idaho This elk hunting video has tips and techniques to use on rifle elk hunts as well. This hunt takes place on the free range Vermejo Park Ranch, a premier elk hunting outfitter.

Cally Morris and his wife Annetta are the owners of Hazel Creek, Inc. specializing in turkey taxidermy and freeze dried turkey heads. Cally sculpted a line of taxidermy forms including his turkey manikins for McKenzie Taxidermy Supply a leader in taxidermy supplies.

Many folks know them from years of supporting the National Wild Turkey Federation and attending the NWTF convention each year.

Cally and Annetta in recent years have started a hunting show called Bringin’ It Home. Their show the 15-Yard Files has aired on and more recently on the Bringin’ It Home YouTube page as well as Field & Follow Cally and Annetta on their Facebook page Bringin’ It Home and subscribe to their Youtube channel for amazing up close encounters with elk, deer, turkey and other big game animals.

From bow hunting to rifle and shotgun hunting, there is something for everyone. Cally’s videos are full of hunting tips and strategies on The 15-Yard Files and Hunting Old School. He has also taken his taxidermy experience and knowledge to showcase skinning, knife sharpening, meat preparation and other instruction in his new show Blade Savvy, “Put Your Knife to Work”.

The Bringin’ It Home YouTube, is the channel for hunters.



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