Monster Hunter Clones – Dragomon Hunter Review

Thanks for all of your support in Episode 1 of Monster Hunter Clones! Now we’re going to take a look a game called Dragomon Hunter, a free-to-play MMORPG that tries to take a page out of Monster Hunter and turn it into an MMORPG. Does it work? Watch the first minute of this video and I think you’ll know the answer.

There are a multitude of issues with Aeria Games’ Dragomon Hunter. I’m going to take you through a brief overview of my experience with it, and tell you what to expect if you very desperately download this game.

Thanks for watching everyone, and I hope you’ll join us next time on Monster Hunter Clones when we take a look at Final Fantasy Explorers! Also, keep an eye out for an upcoming Top 5 list video that doesn’t relate to MH4U!

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