Stardew Valley Review

It’s finally here, the Stardew Valley review! Stardew Valley has been on my watch-list for what seems like ages. I’ve been craving a decent “country life RPG” or “farming RPG” since my adolescent years and nothing has ever come close to satisfying that itch. Where Harvest Moon has dipped in quality in my opinion and Rune Factory wasn’t quite the same, ConcernedApe took it upon himself to create, what I think, is just an astounding independent farming RPG.

The thing I really love about this game is the amount of content and surprises it has. It’s not just farming and maintaining your field and animals; it’s about becoming part of the community, it’s about venturing into the mines, it’s about discovering the many secrets in Stardew Valley.

Thanks for watching my Stardew Valley Review, and I hope you consider looking at this game if you enjoy the genre. It’s available on Steam for $15 here:…

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