[HTC VIVE VR] Job Simulator – Office Worker

Well, can’t say I expected to come into a Vive so fast. I also can’t say I expected to have so much fun in a game called Job Simulator where you literally go to work and basically cause havoc.

Job Simulator kind of reminds me of Goat Simulator in VR. It’s so whacky, satirical, and kind of funny. The thing that sets Job Simulator apart, though, is the ability to interact with everything in your job’s work environment. See that donut? The one in the trash? You can eat it. The computer? You can turn it on and play games on it. It’s mind-blowing. And honestly, it’s really hard to explain without experiencing the immersion for yourself.

There will be more videos like this, and once I get a new video card you can expect a deluge of VR games. It’s something that’s too good to pass up. And really, if you have a chance to play an HTC Vive somewhere, do it. It’s totally worth.

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