[MHGen] Monster Hunter Generations Demo | Malfestio | Striker Bow

The Malfestio is a big, blue owl and thanks to him we now have the confusion status. It’s wonderfully frustrating, reversing your controls until you get hit. Thankfully the Malfestio is mostly straight forward, especially with the bow.

The Striker style is mostly about the hunter arts, giving you three arts to use. The bow has a few neat ones including Triple Volley, Blade Wire, and a super intense dodge-roll. You can’t use power shots with Striker style though, which is a bit of a bummer. You’ll have to use another style for that. You can use arc shots though, which I totally forgot about until the end of this video haha.

Speaking of which, bow is usually not my main weapon (as you probably know lol). I’m experimenting with new weapons and things to so I’ll be ready to provide a variety of content when MHGen actually releases.

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