[MHGen] Monster Hunter Generations Demo | Malfiesto | Prowler

Note to future self: The Prowler is essentially useless as a hunter. Their main focus is definitely a support role, and while I can see situations where they could be useful, I feel that as a hunter their support skills aren’t quite worth the effort. But then again, you play as a cat. So it’s kind of worth it.

This is the final demo video! Next time we play monster hunter, we’ll be in Monster Hunter Generations! Are you ready for the hype?? Join me in my 24 hour live stream this Friday, July 15, starting around 11am PST! It’ll be insane, it’ll be fun, and there will be prizes and giveaways throughout the stream. Follow my twitter at or @gametacoftw for updates, and follow me on twitch at to actually watch. Hope to see you there!

And finally for those of you in NYC and the surrounding area, the @MonsterHunterNYC group is hosting a kickass launch event July 15th from 5pm to 1am. It’s across the street from Nintendo New York, and there will be a bunch of prizes from official Capcom merchandisers and just generally a good time. Best of all, it’s free to attend and so if you’re not doing anything that night you should totally go!
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