[MHO] Monster Hunter Online | Hunting Hypnocatrice

So here is a monster that we haven’t seen since Freedom Unite! The Hypnocatrice. It’s essentially a sleep element bird wyvern, very similar in play style to the Kut-ku. I actually forgot he existed outside of Japan for a second haha.

Hypnocatrice is pretty simple in practice, but the environment he exists within Monster Hunter Online is marvelous. There are hot springs on cliffsides and dense jungles. It’s beautiful. It makes me wish we, as in the rest of the world, could get a Monster Hunter with the visual quality of Monster Hunter Online. I mean Monster Hunter Generations looks great and all, but just having it run at 60 fps would be astounding. And yes, I’m aware New 3DS XL systems run the game at a much better framerate. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with a regular ol’ 3DS XL as my capture card.

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