Monster Hunter Stories | English Translation Mod | Episode 1

UPDATE: Starting in episode 2, the ENTIRE STORY is translated! Plus I go over what happens in this episode. Check the cards and end screen for a link to episode 2.

There is an English UI translation mod for Monster Hunter Stories, a Japanese exclusive game. This is the beginning of my playthrough with Monster Hunter Stories, a unique twist on the series with turn based battles and a monster capturing element.

This UI translation mod was created by dasding and his team. More information here:

Reasons to be Excited for Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Clones
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► God Eater 2: Rage Burst (PC/PS4/VITA)
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Monster Hunter Stories
► Monster Hunter Stories ENGLISH Playlist

► Monster Hunter VR
► Texture Modding in Monster Hunters

Team Taco (Google Community, super easy and quick to join and say hi, link to discord inside)
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Kit (Wishlist and other cool stuff)
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