Dragon Knight – A Monster Hunter Inspired Brawler

Dragon Knight is a indie 2D brawler or beat em up that takes a bit of inspiration from Monster Hunter and other games in the genre. It is available on Steam Early Access, and currently gets frequent updates. Keep that in mind as I talk about this game… What I say in this video may become irrelevant or out of date over time.

Dragon Knight on Steam:

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Monster Hunter Clones
► Toukiden: Kiwami (PS4)
► Dragomon Hunters (PC)
► Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS)
► Gods Eater Burst (PSP)
► Freedom Wars (VITA)
► Soul Sacrifice Delta (VITA)
► God Eater 2: Rage Burst (PC/PS4/VITA)
► Ragnarok Odyssey Ace (VITA/PS3)

Monster Hunter Stories
► Monster Hunter Stories ENGLISH Playlist

► Monster Hunter Explore (MHXR)
► Monster Hunter VR
► Texture Modding in Monster Hunter

Team Taco (Google Community, super easy and quick to join and say hi, link to discord inside)
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Kit (Wishlist and other cool stuff)
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