7 Sephiroth Facts You Probably Didn't Know

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Sephiroth is an incredibly powerful villain within the realm of Final Fantasy VII (and the associated Compilation), but he’s become so much more than that over the years due to numerous spin-off and cross-over appearances.

Within this video, we’re going to run-through some interesting facts that perhaps you don’t know about Sephiroth, with some focussed on his creation (and his relationship with Aerith) and others relating to his hair!


1. Sephiroth x Aerith
2. Sephiroth Fan Club
3. Sephiroth Final Battle (+Bizarro Sephiroth + Safer Sephiroth)
4. Sephiroth x Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
5. Sephiroth Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, Final Mix
6. Sephiroth Advent Children


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