The Artful Dodger – Ruiner Nergigante Guide and Tutorial

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Greetings, Hunters! We’ve finally reached 1,000 subscribers and I cannot express my gratitude to each and everyone of our viewers! Here is a breakdown of Ruiner Nergigante’s new moves. A lot of his old moves are still the same and as such, you may use the link below to check on our AT Nergigante Guide for reference.

The Artful Dodger – AT Nergigante

Move Time Stamps

00:58 – Ruiner Head Slam
02:23 – Ruiner Charged Slam
03:36 – Ruiner Claw Scrape
04:02 – Claw to Spikes Combos
04:57 – Spike Explosion
06:10 – Flying Charge
07:13 – Ruiner Dive Bombs


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