MHW: Iceborne – Best MH in Years?

It’s been over a month since Monster Hunter World Iceborne has released… How does it improve on Monster Hunter World? What are the new and old monsters like? Can you finally skip cutscenes!?

Let’s take a look at Monster Hunter World Iceborne for the Playstation 4. I haven’t seen the credits roll yet, but I have played enough of the game to get a solid idea and figure out what I like and dislike.

More Iceborne videos in the pipeline. Enjoy!

♫ Music: Seliana Day Theme, Val Habar Theme, Brachydios Theme, Sorezore no Mezame ~ Shijinkou, Bouken no Ibuki ~ Shijinkou, Winds of Mezeport, Haritsumeru Kuuki, Tokubetsu na Anatani ♫

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