MHW Iceborne | How to Level up Your Master Rank FAST

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Early Master Rank Builds:
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Safi Spread Build:

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One thing left to mention which isn’t included in the video is that the Stormslinger is only available for PS4 players so all PC players have to use the normal way to cart in GL for Fortify activation.

00:00 Important information
01:28 how to play through the story fast
03:34 how to Level up Guiding Lands fast
05:12 farm sticky LBG build
05:39 build recommendation
06:50 Fortify in Guiding Lands
07:34 why to choose Sticky over Spread
08:31 progressing and important quests
11:17 helpful tips
12:27 Safi update will bring better weapons
13:47 Important information
15:13 Outro

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