The Fatalis Experience: Ep II (Master Rank Edition)

The Fatal Four Saga: Episode II | Unleashed
Fatalis and Ronin clash, one last time. Who will come out the victor?
(Yes I know I spelled Unleashed wrong in the intro)

Songs Used:
Main Title – A Meteor Stream – Koh Otani (Gamera 2)
Inescapable Fear – Norihito Sumitomo (Dragon Ball Super)
Sin From Genesis (From Super Robot Wars V) – Shirō Sagisu
My Brother – Shirō Sagisu (Berserk)
Poseidon’s Wrath – Gerard Marino (God Of War 3)
Rage of Sparta – Gerard Marino (God of War 3)
The Upside Down – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (Stranger Things)

All music and content contained in this video is owned by their respective
creators and no copyright infringement is intended. I do not own nor claim
to own any of the clips/music used in the video. These videos are all
non-profit and are made for the sake of having fun.


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