How To Use Every Weapon in 1 Minute or Less Each (Timestamps in Description) – Monster Hunter Rise

Here’s the Basics and a few Combos of how to play every weapon in Monster Hunter Rise

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0:00 Intro
0:24 Basics For Every Weapon
1:23 Greatsword
2:14 Longsword
3:07 Sword & Shield
3:35 Dual Blades
4:06 Hammer
4:50 Hunting Horn
5:37 Lance
6:21 Gunlance
7:25 Switch Axe Details
9:00 Switch Axe Explained in 20 seconds
9:21 Charge Blade Details
10:30 Charge Blade Explained in 25 seconds
10:55 Insect Glaive Explained in 10 seconds
11:05 Insect Glaive Details
12:22 Basics for Ranged Weapons
13:20 Light Bowgun
13:35 Heavy Bowgun
14:08 Bow
15:16 Outro

Music Used:
Fated Four – Monster Hunter Orchestra 2016
Silver Winged Scarlet Star (Valstrax) – Monster Hunter Orchestra 2018
Ahtal Ka Phase 4-2 – Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate OST
Zinogre Mount Theme from Monster Hunter World Iceborne but it’s also me poorly playing on bass


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