MHRise | BEST NEW 3.0 BOW OP Meta Builds | Monster Hunter Rise Guide モンハンライズ MHR 弓

Been a week since 3.0 released, so here is the new META 3.0 bow builds finally! LOTS of new Builds and TESTING! and well, rampage weapons can look cool now so yay!

Intro bgm credit:

00:00 Intro
1:08 Food and pets
1:56 Build 1 2.0 Ramp
2:20 Build 2 3.0 Ramp
3:20 Rampage Test
4:19 Ibushi Comparison
5:29 Valstrax Bow
6:00 Build 3
7:03 Build 4 AllFATher
8:14 Build 5
9:57 Last Build

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