Prepare Your Spiciest Comments, YouTube ft. Swagger – chocoTaco Erangel Duos Gameplay

Do your finger stretches and load your word canons, dear viewer. The chocolate Tacolate and Swagger are here with their opinions in tow, and even though you know I never want to give anything away about the ending or anything, it’s possible choco says (and this is a direct quote) “we’re gonna get spicy YouTube comments on this one.” BUT KEEP IT G-RATED, DEAR VIEWER. No need to be rude. I know our modern society would not have anyone think it possible, but human beings are indeed capable of respectfully sharing their opinions without insulting anyone or being crass or crude. So let’s say “spicy” in this sense means creative and well-articulated, like poetry. There’s definitely some spicy poetry out there. Enjoy! – Beth

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Music: “DuDa” by Ian Post, from

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