How to Unlock the Sub-Camp in Shrine Ruins (Monster Hunter Rise)

Every hunter should have the sub-camps unlocked. Follow this short guide to find and unlock the subcamp in Shrine Ruins!

In Monster Hunter Rise, there’s one unlockable sub-camp in the Shrine Ruins. Head to area 10 and follow the path north toward area 13. There are large cliffs on the right-hand side with easily accessible ledges. Climb these ledges and follow them up – it’ll bring you to the sub-camp location. When you find the sub-camp, you’ll get a notification saying that this area is suitable for a subcamp.

Now head back to Kamura Village and talk to Kagero the Merchant. He will give you a request called “Shrine Ruins Sub-Camp Security” requiring you to kill 8 Izuchis in the Shrine Ruins. You can do this either through an expedition or mission. One easy option is to accept and complete the Village 1-Star Quest called “Help With Maintenance.” This quest requires you to kill 8 Izuchis.

Once you kill the 8 Izuchis, talk to Kagero the Merchant again. He will unlock the subcamp and you can now travel to it in the Shrine Ruins via your Map.

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