How to Unlock the Sub-Camps in Frost Islands (Monster Hunter Rise)

In Monster Hunter Rise, there are two sub-camps that can be unlocked in the Frost Islands. To find the first sub-camp, head to area 6 and climb the wall to the northeast. Climb up and over the wall, then drop down to the other side. You’ll land right by the campfire and get the notification saying you’ve found a suitable location for the subcamp.

After you find the first sub-camp, head back to Kamura Village and talk to Kagero the Merchant. He’ll give you a request to kill 8 Zamites in the Frost Islands. Zamites are the little sharks monsters that roam around the wet areas of Frost Islands. You can kill these in an expedition, or you can kill them during a quest. I opted to complete the 1-star Gathering Hub quest called Hot Topic Hooligans. This quest requires you to kill a total of 20 Zamites or Bnahabra in the Frost Islands. It’s a little annoying to do this, but the plus side is the Zamites are marked on the map.

Once you kill the Zamites, talk to Kagero to unlock the first sub-camp in the Frost Islands.

The second sub-camp is located in the mountain west of area 8. The most direct way to get to this sub-camp is to climb up the northeastern wall in area 7 and continue to head east along the ridge. The path along this ridge goes directly to the second sub-camp.

Again, talk to Kagero back at Kamura village. This time he will give you a request called Frost Islands Sub-Camp Materials requiring you to deliver 2 Warm Pelts and 4 Monster Bone S. Monster Bone S can be found from any bone pile in low rank areas – if you need them, check your map to find the bone piles.

You can collect Warm Pelts from Kelbis and Antekas. Antekas have a really low chance to drop Warm Pelts so I recommend going to Shrine Ruins and hunting Kelbis. If you head to areas 11 and 12 in the Shrine Ruins, you’ll find plenty of Kelbis. I had no problems getting the Warm Pelts from these areas.

After you collect the materials, head to Kagero and turn in the items. You’ll unlock the second sub-camp in Frost Islands.

Now that you have the sub-camps, why don’t you head over to my guide on finding all the relic records in the Frost Island? Some of them are hidden very well!

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