How to Find all of the Hidden Relic Records in Shrine Ruins (Monster Hunter Rise)

Finding all of the Relic Records in the Shrine Ruins can be tricky! Follow this guide to find them all. In the Shrine Ruins, there are 10 Relic Records and 2 Rampage Records. You may also see them called Old Messages because that’s what they’re referred to when you pick them up.

Relic Record #1

Head to Area 5 and climb up the large moutain to the north. At the top you’ll find a shrine with the first relic record.

Relic Record #2

Go to area 6. Next to the waterfall, there is a path. Climb the wall to the right of this path and continue straight. There will be a small ledge with a Dragonstrike Nut below you; the relic record is tucked in the back corner of this ledge.

Relic Record #3

Head to area 13 and down the path to area 12. Just before area 12, you’ll see a ridgeline on the right with a small temple at the top. Climb to the temple with your wirebugs and you’ll find the third record.

Relic Record #4

Go to area 11. On the eastern side, there is a torii gate entwined with a huge tree. Climb up to the gate and you’ll find the 4th record.

Relic Record #5

In area 13, looking south, you’ll see a rickety wooden bridge over a narrow pass. The fifth record is beyond this bridge on the western side. To get up there, head down the middle eastern path from your location and climb the wall on the left. You’ll pass a few shrubs and items before coming to the bridge. The fifth record is waiting for you at the other side.

Relic Record #6

On the pathway between 7 and 8, stop at the torii gate. Just to the left of the gate, there is a small ledge that’s about the same height as the gate. The sixth record is on this ledge.

Relic Record #7

In the southwestern corner of area one, climb onto the small ledge and follow the trail. It’ll take you to a large tree above area 2. Climb the tree and take the first branch to the right. You’ll find the seventh record at the end of this branch.

Relic Record #8

Climb up the ridge to the east of area 6. Look south towards area 5 and you’ll see a hole in the wall. The record is in this small cave. To reach it, continue along the ridge line and climb up the nearby cliff across the path below. This will bring you close enough to the cave to wirebug your way into it.

Relic Record #9

Head to area 7 – you’ll see old ruins and a gate to the north. Go through the gate, and turn left. By the bamboo, there’s a patch of grass. Cut the grass to reveal the ninth record.

Relic Record #10

Head to the top of the waterfall between areas 2 and 6. To the east, there is a pathway snaking through the mountains. Climb up the wall on the right side to reach a ledge with the tenth record.

Rampage Record #1

Just below area 5 is a small pathway that runs along the moutain. Follow it to the east and it will turn north – when it turns north, climb up the wall on the right-hand side. You’ll come to an old shrine with the first Rampage Record.

Rampage Record #2

Head to area 3 and look for a climbable vine. At the top, there’s a felyne camp and a shrine. Behind the shrine, is a big tree. Climb the tree. The second Rampage Record is on the trunk.


Talk to Kagero the Merchant in Kamura Village to receieve your reward. He will give you two carvings to decorate your room with: Magnamalo Carving and Arzuros Carving.

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