[Monster Hunter Rise] HR4 Frost Island Arena – Tetranadon

In this video, I’ll be tackling the deadly Tetranadon in a mission called Frost Island Arena. Frost Island Arena is a High Rank HR4 gathering hub mission where you’ll need to hunt or capture a Tetranadon. Frost Island Arena is a Key Quest!

Hope you enjoy the video! I’ve missed making these casual gameplay videos and I hope to make more of them in the coming weeks and months.

– 3x Tetranadone Hide+
– 3x Tetranadon Carapace
– 2x Stoutbone
– 3x Tetranadon Beak+
– 4x Colossal Bone
– 2x Piercing Claw
– 1x Aquaglow Jewel
– 1x Torrent Sac
– 1x Tetranadon Disc+

Skip to the fight!
0:00 Gathering Hub & Equipment
3:10 Frost Islands

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