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Have you ever wondered about the biology of monsters in Monster Hunter: World? A nature documentary style deep dive into an ecosystem of giants… (Part II:

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The vast environments of the video game ‘Monster Hunter: World’ are home to incredible forms of life — from thundering behemoths to ravenous hunters. While the game focuses on battling monsters, every creature on this continent has a life of their own, with unique day-to-day patterns, biological intricacies, and roles within the larger ecosystems.

For this entry into the Archive, we’ll show the life of this continent in entirely new ways, and bring you closer to these creatures than ever before. This series will reveal the biology behind these so-called monsters, and investigate how they compare to wildlife on our planet. And although doing fieldwork in this region represents a significant risk, I’m determined to document these extreme lifeforms firsthand.

So, let’s embark on this expedition together, and discover what awaits in this land of giants…

0:00 A World of Monsters
1:43 Aptonoth
3:03 Jagras
4:23 Great Jagras
6:49 Kulu-Ya-Ku
8:44 Anjanath
10:43 Kestodon
11:52 Pukei-Pukei
13:36 Mosswine
14:47 Deviljho
16:01 Tobi-Kadachi
17:41 Rathalos
19:02 What Next?

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