The Problems with the Apex Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise – Heavy Wings

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The Apex Monsters are new variations introduced in Monster Hunter Rise. While challenging, they leave much to be desired. In this video I will explain some of the problems they have, how other games executed their concept better and how they fail to build upon the Monster Hunter Series as a whole.

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0:00 Introduction
3:45 Background and History
6:57 Apex Problems in Rise
11:36 How the Apex Monsters Fail to Build Upon Monster Hunter
12:25 The Deviants
24:27 Arch Tempered Monsters
26:21 Apex Monsters (4 Ultimate)
27:06 Why did this Happen?
29:18 How to Make the Apexes Worthwhile
32:20 Conclusion & Ending

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SuperRad’s invader video

Music Used in Order of Appearance:
MHR Rampage Theme
MHR Rampage Counter Gong Theme
MHR Apex Monsters Theme
MHR Zinogre Theme
MHR Magnamalo Theme
MHStories Tresse Desert Battle Theme 1
MHGenerations Jurassic Frontier Theme
MHGU Bloodbath Phase 1
MHGU Bloodbath Phase 2
MHGU Valstrax Theme
MHR Crimson Glow Valstrax Theme
MHGen Astalos Theme
MHGen Deviant Theme
MHR Infernal Springs Theme
MHW Xeno’jiiva Phase 2
MHR Narwa Dance Remix
MHR Bazelgeuse Theme


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