[MH3U] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – High Rank Azure Rathalos and Pink Rathian – Heaven and Earth

Another day, another 9 star quest! This time we’re doing Heaven and Earth, a quest requiring us to kill both an Azure Rathalos and a Pink Rathian! If you had trouble with either of these monsters previously, you might want to take a few rounds and become proficient in fighting them before undertaking this quest.

Equipment used on this hunt:
– Dios Blades, Dual blades with Slime elemental

Skills used on this hunt:
– Attack (S)
– Evasion +1
– Negate Poison

Items rewarded for this hunt:
(4) P. Rathian Scale+
(1) Wyvern Fang
(1) Rathian Webbing
(2) P. Rath Carapace
(1) A. Rathalos Wing
(1) Monster Hardbone
(1) Rath Medulla
(3) A. Rath Carapace
(2) Rath Talon

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