Hey there! This is the story of GameTacoFTW.

My name is Bobby and welcome to my YouTube channel! GameTacoFTW is one of my creative outlets. In the past, I’ve focused on videos about Monster Hunter. I also make a fair amount of video game reviews. These days, I don’t have the patience to make videos. Instead, I tend to opine about games and movies on this site. 

Please take a look around the site and my channel. Feel free to send me a message on Twitter, Discord, or the contact form on this website. Enjoy!

History of the Channel

I started this channel all the way back in 2012 as a university project. Back then it was called and had a website to go with it. I wish I kept that domain!

When Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate released on the Wii U, my broke self took a chance and purchased a capture card. I started putting out really casual gameplay videos on how to kill different monsters and finish various quests. I also did a lot of gameplay videos on PS4 and Wii U titles. If you dig, you can find all of those videos on this website! 

After I graduated college, I changed the name of the channel to GameTacoFTW and continued to focus on Monster Hunter. I started streaming on Twitch and continued that for a few years. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was so much fun to play back then – I sent my 3DS to Japan to install a capture card just so I could play it on stream and make videos for YouTube. 

At this point, I was really invested in the channel and had so much fun making videos about Monster Hunter and reviews for different games. When Monster Hunter: World released, I fell off the Monster Hunter train for awhile because of my career and family. I bought a house, started receiving more responsibilities at my job, and got married – I had little time to maintain the channel.

In 2022, I’m no longer a Monster Hunter guru. I’m now taking time to explore my hobbies and ensure that my family is happy and healthy. This website serves as an archive of the many hours and years I’ve put into the channel, and the new content that I create.

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