[MH4U] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Cha-Cha and Kayamba!?

Cha-Cha and Kayamba are back? Well, sort of. There’s a Japanese Event Quest involving them. The reward for the quests are Shakalaka Tickets, and these will let you create armor and weapons resembling Cha-Cha or Kayamba.

There are two hunter weapons you can make from these tickets as well. One is the Shaka Scarecrows dual blades, and the other is a light bowgun called Shakalaka Prized Bow.

I mention in the video that there is a way of downloading these Event Quests to your 3DS. A word of warning, there’s no guarantee that this won’t corrupt your save file so please use caution. Here is a video by Team Darkside showing the proxy method:

Odds are this will be released in a few weeks, so I’ll just sit tight and wait for the Western release 🙂

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