[MH4U] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Master Sword DLC – Fire Fight – Akantor

Looking to get the Master Sword and Link DLC in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate? You’ll need to fight Akantor in the event quest Fire Fight then! In Fire Fight, you’ll need to slay a super strong Akantor. I’m going to warn you now that it’s very difficult if you’re still in High Rank, and you’ll need a good team to get through it. After you snag the required materials, you’ll be able to make the Hero’s Sword for 45k zeny. The Hero’s Sword upgrades into the Master Sword.

An armor with Fire and Dragon resist would do wonders in this fight. Something like the Dober armor or Stygian Zinogre armor would excel at killing Elder Dragons and monsters such as Akantor. Regardless, I think Akantor is kind of fun to fight. There’s not many monsters before this point that require this much team work and coordination. Speaking of which, I am hosting a teamspeak server that everyone is invited to join. Details to that are posted at the end of this video and on Team Taco’s (link below) google community page. Thanks for watching!

Equipped Armor and Weapon:
– Aasklauen, 196 Attack, 180 Dragon
– Zamtrios Helm S
– Zamtrios Mail S
– Zamtrios Bracers S
– Zamtrios Faulds S
– Zamtrios Greaves S

Active Skills
– Wide Range +1
– Partbreaker
– Meat Lover
– Raise Hunger

Items Rewarded from Quest
[1] Goddess’s Fire (You need this for the Hero’s Sword, which in turn upgrades into the Master Sword)
[2] Akantor Carapace
[1] Akantor Tail
[3] Akantor Spike
[2] Akantor Scale+
[1] Akantor Tallfang
[1] Silver Guild Ticket (you need 3 Silver Guild Tickets for Link’s Sword as well)
[1] Wyvern Fang
[2] Heavy Armor Sphere
[1] Akantor Hardclaw
[1] Firecell Stone SUBQUEST
[1] Akantor Tallfang SUBQUEST
[1] Akantor Scale+ SUBQUEST


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