[Monster Hunter World] Vaal Hazak – Stirrings from the Grave

Today we’re going to hunt a new Elder Dragon called the Vaal Hazak, a spooky creature that lives in a pile of rotting and desecrated corpses. This is an 8 star High Rank mission called Stirrings from the Grave.

Vaal Hazak has a few tricks up his sleeve, most notably his ability to cut your health bar in half, but overall I enjoy this fight. His armor also looks really awesome. Honestly, I think he is one of the better monsters from Monster Hunter World. Enjoy!

Equipment used:
Teostra’s Arx
Bazel Helm B
Rath Soul Mail B
Bazel Vambraces A
Bazel Coil A
Kushala Crus B
Stun Charm II
Health Booster

Earplugs Lvl 5
Stun Resistance Lvl 3
Critical Draw Lvl 2
Evade Extender Lvl 2
Divine Blessing Lvl 2
Free Element/Ammo Up Lvl 1
Flinch Free Lvl 1
Jump Master Lvl 1
Effluvia Resistance Lvl 1

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