How to Find all of the Hidden Relic Records in Frost Islands (Monster Hunter Rise)

There are 10 Relic Records and 2 Rampage Records in the Frost Islands. Follow this guide to find them all.


You will need the following items to collect every relic record in Frost Islands:
  • Barrel Bomb
  • 2 Great Wirebugs

Relic Record #1

In the middle of area 7, there’s an alcove with a shrine on top. Use your wirebug to jump up to this alcove and you’ll find the first relic record.

Relic Record #2

Starting from the main camp, head west and jump onto the embankment. There’s a giant tree in the clearing ahead. Use your wirebugs to climb to the very top of this tree. There are 2 levels in the tree, aim for the top.

Relic Record #3

Starting from area 4, climbt the wall to the east. Walk through the section with trees and continue to the right (south). Climb up the wall to the small cavern – inside is the third relic record.

Relic Record #4

Starting from area 4, head north and pass through the wooden debris on the right. In this enclosed ship graveyard, head to the southeastern most section. There’s a small cave with the fourth relic record.

Relic Record #5

You’ll need a barrel bomb for the fifth relic record. Climb the mountain in the northern part of area 5. Circle around the top until you see a felyne camp. Next to the camp is a snowman – use your barrel bomb to blow it up! When the dust settles, the fifth relic record will be waiting for you.

Relic Record #6

In area 8, there’s a broken ship. Approach from the west to get onto the deck of the ship. Climb up to the crow’s nest to find the sixth relic record.

Relic Record #7

Go to area 11. There’s a small tunnel in the northeastern section of this area. Crawl through the tunnel and stick to the left-hand side. On the wall is a small ledge with the seventh relic record.

Relic Record #8

Starting from area 5, climb the eastern wall and stop at the first ledge. Circle clockwise around this ledge until you see a small gate and cavern. Inside is the eighth record. 

Relic Record #9

This one is easiest with a third wirebug, but doable with 2. Go to area 9 and go north. When you get to the pathway at the top, continue around to the right until you see a mining node. Climb the stone wall opposite this mining node, and jump to the next ledge. On this ledge, use your dog to start a wall climb and at the peak of the climb, jump to your left and wirebug to the nearby platform. The ninth record is on this ledge. 

Relic Record #10

You will need a great wirebug for this record. Follow the same path that you used to get to the ninth record, but continue jumping across the platforms until you come to a cave. At the end of the cave is a jewel lilly – place a great wirebug in it and use it. You will be rocketed toward area 12. Before you go underground, use a wirebug to jump onto the lip of the hole in the ground. The tenth relic record is on this ledge.

Rampage Record #3

In area 6, facing north, there are two cliffs with a path in between. Climb up the right side and jump across to the other cliff with your wirebugs. The third rampage record is behind the nearby tree.

Rampage Record #4

A great wirebug is required for this record. Climb up the vine-covered wall in area 6, and then use your wirebugs to shoot past the icy rocks on the left (south). This will put you in an area with lots of icy spires. Head around the large spires to the west, and you’ll come to a jewel lilly. Use a great wirebug and you will be thrown to the top of a nearby mountain. At the peak, you will find a great view, a mining node, and the fourth rampage record!


In Kamura Village, Talk to Kagero the Merchant. He will give you two room decorations:

  • Goss Harag Carving
  • Tetranadon Carving

Place these in your room and show off your collection skills!

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