WordPress Woes

If you’ve been here lately, you may have noticed a lot of videos and posts appearing that aren’t mine. Well, we can blame WordPress for this. One of the plugins I was using was supposed to add all of the videos on my YouTube account as a new post here on the site. When I created the site back in 2022, it worked great!

Fast forward to today where I get inspired to write something, and I notice a lot of posts aren’t mine. Many of them are Monster Hunter oriented, music videos, and foreign clickbait. There haven’t been any “intrusions” in the site, so I can only imagine that its the Automatic Sync plugin having a melt down. I’ll be fixing it, but it imported about 600 random videos and I have to manually filter them.

The posts also imported an absolute ton of thumbnail images into my site. I was able to gleam that these posts were created in late July, which was a few weeks ago. My backups only go back to early October…

There’s always something! That’s okay though, I’ve been meaning to post more content here. I have a few articles in the works, and I may turn this into a little game development blog for my Game Maker Studio 2 adventures. Who knows, we’ll see!

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